Renovations taking place at St. Marys Walmart

Recent visitors to the the St. Marys Walmart located in Fox Township are sure to have noticed the remodeling activities taking place. The work began on March 7 and is expected to be completed sometime in May. St. Marys Walmart Manager Randy Cole said the company's stores are generally renovated and refreshed every 7 years. The local facility, built in 2004, will receive an updated look based on customer feedback. Every department will be updated, with new flooring, shelving, paint and signing storewide. The store's restrooms will also be completely renovated and new registers at the front end, including the self-checkout models, will be installed. "We're going to get a new look, the updated look," Cole said, adding that over the years, the inevitable wear and tear has occurred due to the high traffic in and out of the store. He said the new look is also designed to help improve the shopping experience. "Some of the low-profile counters will make it easier to shop," Cole said. "You're not reaching as high, and they're easier to look at."The aisles will be a little wider. The new signing will make it easier to find your product." He said the company is working to use "greener" materials, with all of the new floor tile made of material recycled from old flooring in other Walmart stores. An effort is also being made to properly recycle construction debris. "Every bit of our demolition is separated and recycled," Cole said. "During our remodel, very little goes to the landfill." As part of the store's renovation, not all of the improvements will be visible. "There's a lot of what we call innovations electronically that will be able to tell us what inventory is in our building and what needs to be ordered and when it needs to arrive," Cole said. "It will enhance the ordering and stocking process." About 90 temporary positions have been added to help complete the store renovation. Cole noted that the 24-hour facility will remain open at all times during the process and that as much work as possible is being completed during overnight hours to provide minimal disruption to shoppers.