Rep. Gabler: Veterans Day an opportunity to think

Rep. Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield/Elk) served as the guest speaker at American Legion Post 103's annual Veterans Day banquet on Saturday evening at Bavarian Hills.After reflecting upon the history of Veterans Day, Gabler remarked that the event served as a time "to stop and reflect on how thankful we all are as a nation for the sacrifices that are made to enable us to live as we do as Americans each and every day."Gabler noted that he originally tried to come up with something 'unique' or 'profound' for the occasion, but then realize this was not what was needed. "In approaching Veterans Day, the thought occurs to me that we don't need to hear something unique or profound. We just need the opportunity to stop and reflect so that we can focus more often on the ideas that are all too easy to take for granted - those ideas of citizenship, patriotism, and thankfulness - for all those who have made such a distinct sacrifice to make this country what it is," Gabler said. He added that he does not consider his own military service to be a sacrifice, and rather sees it as something that has been very helpful in his life.