Request for mine spoil material approved at Jay Twp. meeting

A request by the Jay Township Board of Supervisors for permission to remove mine refuse materials from Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) property in Jay Township was one of the issues discussed at last Thursday's meeting of the board. The request involves "two [mine] spoil piles" on WPC property located off of Pine Avenue in Force and the materials referenced include mine spoil and shale, as well as a nearby "red dog pile" to be used by the township in road improvement projects. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, red dog is a byproduct of "coal oxidation" or burning, and is often used as a road construction base. The permit gives permission for the township to remove said materials and grants use of defined areas. Some of the conditions included in the permit state that the material may not be resold and is to be used for township purposes only and that the activity will be done in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and is done in a fashion that "minimizes adverse impact on adjacent streams, such as by moving the mine spoil out of and away from the flood plain."