Residents encouraged to keep recycling in mind over the holidays

Residents looking to dispose of items such as wrapping paper and Christmas cards after the holiday season have another option instead of simply throwing the material in the trash. Bekki Titchner, county recycling coordinator, explained that these items and more are accepted at the Community Recycling Center in St. Marys. "I know in the past there had been places like the nursing homes and such that would take at least the fronts of Christmas cards. I'm not sure whether they do that or not. People should contact them directly. If [they do accept old cards] then people can take their cards there, if not their cards can come here," Titchner said. "Any paper wrapping paper we can take. We can't take foil. We can't take anything that is not paper."Titchner also encouraged people to consider selecting items that can be reused when they look for festive ways to give gifts this season. "Being the recycling person that I am, I encourage people to use things they can use again or use things like brown craft paper, which is much easier to recycle, or bags that people can use over again and again," Titchner said. People receiving new electronic items this holiday season can also dispose of any old unwanted electronics at the electronics recycling center on the third Saturday of each month. "We've gotten a lot of calls," Titchner said. "I think people are purchasing a lot of electronics because the sales are incredible. We will be open on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and encourage people to bring them then."She added that beginning in January the state's new electronics law will take effect, though she is still not certain what degree of impact it will have on the county's program. For more on this story, see the Dec. 16 edition of The Daily Press.