Residents should keep recycling in mind during weekend celebrations

Events such as cookouts, family reunions, and graduation parties make Memorial Day weekend a time of revelry for many area residents.While recycling is not likely at the forefront of most people's minds during this time, individuals still should be cognizant some of the materials that can be recycled following their holiday gatherings."Not only should people think about what they can recycle, they should also consider what they can re-use to reduce what goes into the trash at the end of the day," said Bekki Titchner, Elk County recycling and solid waste coordinator.In particular, Titchner suggested that people consider using plastic plates and cups "rather than the throw-away variety." "These days there are plenty of options available for purchase (of these plastic items) in local stores. Even heavy plastic cutlery can be washed and used numerous times, and to make cleanup easier, bring along a plastic tote where everything can be stored for the trip home," Titchner said.