Reynoldsville woman facing attempted homicide charges

PUNXSUTAWNEY — A Reynoldsville woman faces two counts of attempted criminal homicide and other charges after she allegedly fired about six shots from a .22 caliber revolver at her husband behind a district judge's office Thursday.One of the shots struck her husband's car, while another struck a private residence along Pleasant Alley, police said.Punxsutawney-based Pennsylvania State Police said July L. Sprankle, 60, Summit Road, Reynoldsville, was arraigned by District Judge Douglas Chambers — behind whose office the incident occurred — Thursday afternoon. He set Sprankle's bail at $1 million, and she was committed to the Jefferson County jail.In a criminal complaint, police said around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Elmer Aaron Sprankle and his girlfriend, Alicia A. Caltagarone, pulled into a parking spot along South Penn Street for a 9 a.m. hearing before Chambers.When pulling in, Elmer Sprankle saw his wife on the porch in front of Chambers' office. She then approached the car and said, "Hi honey, come on inside, I'm going to kill you."The complaint said Sprankle then took a swing at Caltagarone through the passenger-side window, missing her. Elmer Sprankle then pulled the car back onto South Penn and turned left onto Pleasant Alley, behind Chambers' office. In his statement to police, Elmer Sprankle said he saw his wife go behind his vehicle and pull a handgun from her purse. The complaint said she dropped her purse and fired three to four shots at the vehicle, striking it once on the trunk lid. Elmer Sprankle told police that after each shot, his wife lowered the gun, then brought it back up and fired again. He then fled down Pleasant Alley and turned right onto another alley.Elmer Sprankle said he had told Caltagarone to call the police, and pulled his vehicle in front of Chambers' office once he saw officers responding.In her statement to police, Caltagarone said while on the phone with police, Sprankle fired three to four shots at the car, and was about 30 feet behind the car when she first shot at them. She also said she was ducking her head down in her seat and saw Sprankle firing in her rearview mirror.Responding state troopers Cpl. Jeffery Lee and Robert Means then saw Sprankle carrying a handgun and walking toward South Penn Street behind Chambers' office, the complaint said. When they ordered her to stop and drop the weapon, she complied, lay down on the ground and was taken into custody.