Ridgway, county mainstay sold

Acting at a North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission [NCPRPDC] board meeting Wednesday morning, officials green-lighted a loan proposal to allow the sale of Love's Canoe Rental & Sales.The real estate property was purchased by Miranda Neville and Steven Putt of Country Squirrel Outfitters, LLC, located in Canon City, Colo."They're bringing their own inventory and the total project cost is roughly $125,000," said Pat Brennen, loan program director at NCPRPDC. "They will be getting $50,000 from the FIF [First Industries Fund] tourism fund and the same amount through Northwest Savings Bank. "They have a second mortgage on the real estate and an equity of $25,000. There will be two jobs created."According to the business's website, the establishment opened its doors in May 2010 after moving from Maryland. Both are originally from "small Appalachian Mountain towns in Pennsylvania," having "spent their childhoods enjoying the outdoors and mountains of Pennsylvania."According to the website, they have many outdoor hobbies which include, but are not limited to: hiking, camping, backpacking, rock-climbing, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, cycling, mountain biking, running, snowshoeing and "just about anything else outdoors."According to NCPRPDC officials, the business will participate in the marketing strategy of the Pennsylvania Wilds and the elk viewing area.