Ridgway now offers new primitive camping area

Yelena Kisler
Staff Writer

RIDGWAY – A stretch of property lining the Clarion River in Ridgway is now a primitive camping area open to the public at any time. The stretch of land runs behind Elk County Powdered Metal at the end of Gillis Avenue.
The owner of the property, Andy Buehler, has given Ridgway permission to use the area, said T.O. Fitch.
"You're allowed to have contained fires in that area," said Fitch. "Which is basically a fire with stones around it."
Fitch hopes to get volunteers together to help clear and level off the area to make it more accommodating.
"We want to go along the river anD level stuff off, and to weed-whack some of the larger weeds and get some of the boulders out of the way," he said.
He is in talks with area Boy Scouts for them to help out, but is actively looking for other volunteers. Those interested in helping out can contact Fitch directly or call the Ridgway Chamber at (814) 776-1424.