Scented earrings lure them in

In an effort to expand their outdoor offerings to women, TomBob Outdoors LLC of Ridgway has recently introduced scented earrings constructed from their patented metal fishing lures.The TomBob Fishing Lure Earring Collection features a controlled-release Scent Fusion Metal, the trademarked creation from Continuous Metal Technology (CMT) of Ridgway, the parent company of TomBob. Available scents include pina colada, mandarin cranberry, baker's vanilla and cotton blossom.CMT was founded in 1995 by Tim Smith, who is the president of both companies and works closely with employees Brad Clinton, director of marketing and public relations for both companies; and Kati Wendel, who handles TomBob marketing and sales."We were trying to come up with innovative outdoor products unique to the powdered metal industry," Clinton said.The earrings, which retail from $17.25 to $19.25 a pair, are available in silvertone and goldtone and are either plain or decorated with green semiprecious natural agate beads. They may be purchased at Elk Mountain Winery in St. Marys, the Ridgway Welcome Center, the Country Home Gift Shoppe in St. Marys and on the TOMBOB website. Their pink camouflage packaging adds a feminine touch to the PA Wilds-branded item. In creating the earrings, they started with 6 to 8 scents and put them through various tests and trials before deciding on the current scents. As an example, during their testing, the group found the lavender scent to be too overwhelming. As another measure of testing, Smith wore one of the scented lures as a necklace for one week and experienced no adverse skin reaction to the product.In the future, they hope to experiment with different shapes and designs, but each set of tooling used to produce the lures require a considerable investment. Smith said the company has currently invested in four different toolings for the fishing lures. The earrings are made of 1/8 oz., the small-size lure.