Schaut helped set wheels in motion in creation of Bavarian Hills

Paul Schaut was one of a number of individuals who, after frequently traveling to Emporium to play golf, decided that St. Marys needed a public course of its own. Schaut was honored for his involvement in making Bavarian Hills Golf Course a reality during the second annual Bavarian Hills Honoree's Banquet on Sunday afternoon. Howard McClain, who worked with Schaut several years ago on the construction of an addition to the course's clubhouse, discussed Schaut's contributions to the facility during the ceremony. "[Schaut] was involved in looking at five or six different pieces of property and deciding which one would be better. He was involved with the architect designing the course and after things got going, they had to form an organization in order to help receive funding and making critical decisions. This organization called the Benzinger Township Municipal Golf Course Authority was created, and Paul has been on that authority ever since its inception," McClain said. He noted that Schaut has also been involved in a number of aspects of establishing the golf course, ranging from obtaining grant money to clearing land and cutting trees. "Paul donated a lot of time and carpentry in that main building, as well as setting up the downstairs and this new building. If there were things to do, Paul Schaut was usually involved in them," McClain said. McClain noted that many people told Schaut and the other individuals who first came up with the idea of building Bavarian Hills that they would never get anywhere with the endeavor. "Twenty years later, after numerous hours, countless days and many, many nights, I'm sure, of Paul's donated time, this golf course, along with all this property, all the buildings and all the machinery has a worth of over $1.3 million, and Paul was involved in that," McClain said. "The dream has created lots of jobs and generates over $800,000 worth of revenue in the city per year."Leroy Whitaker, president of the board at Bavarian Hills, presented Schaut with a gold putter acknowledging him as the Bavarian Hills' 2010 honoree, along with a bottle of wine that was engraved with a statement honoring Schaut for his involvement in making the golf course a reality. Schaut was also presented with a framed photo of himself, which will be hung on the Founder's Wall in the facility's clubhouse.