Schlimm steps up to organize Christmas Day Dinner

Photo by Amy Cherry - Ed Schlimm has volunteered to organize the annual St. Marys Area Christmas Day Dinner following the death of the program’s founder Vada Liptak earlier this year. He is shown with Carol Cunningham, the program’s co-chair.
Staff Writer

A new chairman has stepped up to organize the long-standing St. Marys Area Christmas Day Dinner, which has taken place over the past 24 years at the First United Methodist Church in St. Marys.
“It’s such an important cause and is a collective effort of everyone from the volunteers to the donors,” said Ed Schlimm, the program’s new chairman.
In July it was announced the program was in jeopardy of ending if a chairperson was not found to lead the efforts in organizing the event. This was due to the recent death of program founder and chairwoman Vada Liptak in April.
“I read the story in The Daily Press and this is always something I’ve wanted to do,” Schlimm said.


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