Schlimm's newest creation highlights vegan eating

Local author John Schlimm has tapped a new market with his latest cookbook "The Tipsy Vegan", 75 Boozy Recipes to Turn Every Bite into Happy Hour, which showcases plant-based recipes using an array of wine, beer and vodka as key ingredients. "I again really wanted to throw the ultimate party in a book, only this time I wanted it to be a party that everyone was invited to, so whether you are a life-long vegan, an occasional visitor to the vegan lifestyle or maybe you're just hungry. I wanted to write a book that everyone including my most avid meat eating family and friends could enjoy," Schlimm said in speaking about his sixth cookbook. "Another goal of this book was to really redefine what plant-based eating is. That word 'vegan' I know is scary to a lot of people, it's mysterious and that's the other reason I really wanted to write this book was to show there's nothing scary or hard about this lifestyle, it's just really great wholesome food."As a practicing vegan for the past two years, Schlimm explained that at their most basic vegans do not eat products which contain animal products, which includes abstaining from meat, dairy or food processed using animal products.