School board approves various policies

This year, students in the St. Marys Area School District (SMASD) will be permitted to possess asthma inhalers and epinephrine auto-injectors and to self-administer the prescribed medication in compliance with state law and board policy. This policy was approved during a recent school board meeting.Students must have a written request from a parent/guardian that the school complies with the order of a licensed physician, certified nurse practitioner (CRNP) or physician assistant (P.A.), as well as acknowledging the school is not responsible for ensuring the medication is taken and relieving the district and its employees of responsibility for the benefits and consequences of the prescribed medication. A written statement must also include the name of the drug, the prescribed dosage, times medication is to be taken, length of time medication is prescribed, diagnosis or reason medication is needed, potential serious reaction or side effects, emergency response and if a child is qualified and able to self-administer. Students must also notify the school nurse immediately following each use of an inhaler or injector. Other policies approved by the board include those regarding the public's right to have access to public records of the district, including financial records; and the requirement of the district to submit an annual financial report to the Secretary of Education by Oct. 31 of each year in accordance with state law.