School district files Notice of Intervention

RIDGWAY - The Ridgway Area School District Board of Directors approved a resolution for their solicitor to file a Notice of Intervention concerning a tax assessment appeal filed by Metaldyne Sintered Products currently pending in the Court of Common Pleas.According to finance manager Brent Rhoads, Metaldyne appealed their tax assessment concerning both the Ridgway and St. Marys properties.Rhoads said their appraisal could mean a loss to the school district of about $30,000 per year.Rhoads said the Board of Appeals has rejected their appeal against Elk County.In other business, board member William Seely requested the board to look into the cost for a driver's education class."One of the things brought up at the IU [Intermediate Unit] meeting is driver's ed and I would like know what it would cost to us for a driver's ed vehicle in the district for the children to receive experience from someone who is qualified beside the parent," Seely said.Seely recalled the cost of the vehicle to be $2,945.Rhoads said he would look into the costs associated with the class."The last time we had driver's ed, we ended up having to buy our own vehicles because we couldn't get insurance on a leased vehicle, but they may have changed the rules since then," Rhoads said.According to Rhoads, it cost the district about $200 per student.