Sensory walkway helping set students on the right path

Photo by Amy Cherry - SSMSE teacher Stacey Kaveney is shown sitting on the school’s new sensory walkway. Kaveney proposed the project, obtained funding and designed the walkway. Also shown in the photo are siblings, Ariana and Julian Bauer, demonstrating some of the activity commands shown on the floor decals.
Staff Writer

Students at South St. Marys Street Elementary School may find themselves starting their day with a hop, skip, and a jump as they pass over the school’s new sensory walkway.
The Nature Hop themed walkway consists of a colorful sequence of decals affixed to the floor creating a pathway.
The walkway is designed with letters and number decals as well as activity log decals showing body movement commands such as jump, stomp, touch your toes, hands up, clap, spin around, and touch your shoulders.


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