Sidewalk replacement project on the horizon

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

In an effort to target nuisance sidewalks, the City of St. Marys is looking to institute a Sidewalk Replacement Program in 2018.
Nuisance sidewalks include those posing tripping hazards, excessive slopes or other conditions that may impede safe pedestrian travel.
"This is our attempt to answer safety concerns with sidewalks that are not in good stead," City Manager Tim Pearson said. "We wanted to see how we could address this from multiple points to come up with a more holistic program to work the sidewalk issues we have throughout the city."
The program was proposed by the city's Code Enforcement Department and is taking place in conjunction with the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program's sidewalk program overseen by Tina Gradizzi, Community and Economic Development Coordinator.
Code Enforcement officials have requested $20,000 be placed in the 2018 budget for the program.
The city will be sectioned off with a designated area selected each year for nuisance sidewalk replacement. Code Enforcement officials will focus on and prioritize spending in the designated area.
The program will cover 100 percent of the costs of replacing the damaged block(s).