Sinnemahoning Watershed Grant Program rejected

Watershed specialist Kim Bonfardine announced during last night's Elk County Conservation District meeting that two grants had been rejected for the Sinnemahoning Watershed Grant Program.The Sinnemahoning Watershed Grant Program is managed by the Headwaters RC&D Sinnemahoning Stakeholders Committee to distribute funds derived from a civil settlement between the state Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] and Norfolk Southern Railway as a result of a sodium hydroxide spill that took place on June 30, 2006 within the Sinnemahoning Watershed."This means, I was not given any funding for the Envirothon," Bonfardine said. "No grants for Elk County were approved out of that pot of money, so there was a couple of us at that meeting who were upset because out of the four projects, three of them were Elk County."