SMA swim teams split with Bradford squads

ST. MARYS - The St. Marys Area High School Swim and Dive Team split their home meet last night with the Bradford Owls. The Dutch won their portion 99–80, while the girls dropped their record to 2-1 with a 113-70 loss. The win brings the Dutchmen’s record to 3-0.Leading the way for the Dutchmen was Corey Koss, who won the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard backstroke. Koss also was on the victorious 400-yard freestyle relay, along with teammates Alex Renwick, Ryan Struble and Jeffrey Moore.Renwick also came back from a tough second-place finish in 200-yard individual medley race to easily win the 100-yard butterfly event. Struble also notched an individual win in the 100-yard freestyle, with teammate Matt Hoffman close behind, setting up a nice 1-2 finish for the Dutch.Justin Huey captured first place in diving, which was a turning point in the meet. Up to that point, the Dutchmen were trailing the Owls at the halfway mark. But a strong contingent of divers, including Jake Burns and Tim Mosebarger, captured all of the diving points, thereby putting the squad in the lead for the duration of the meet.Moore turned in nice performances, placing second in the 200 and 500-yard freestyle events, but was outpaced by Bradford senior Josh Schwab. Moore also anchored the second place 200-yard medley relay with teammates Koss, Hoffman and Renwick.In the final individual event of the evening, Hoffman, Gideon Woelfel and Joey Ferragine dominated the100-yard breaststroke with second through fourth-place finishes. The points helped score enough points to secure a win going into the last event.“It was very close,” remarked assistant coach Mary Secco. “But the guys came out and did what they needed to get the win. “We had some nice performances tonight, although everyone wasn’t 100 percent healthy and we were missing a couple swimmers from the lineup.”The Lady Dutch were outmatched by the depth of the Lady Owls team. The 200-yard freestyle relay of Megan Barber, Kylee Proudfit, Emma Daghir and Steph Buerk was the only first-place finish of the evening. Strong second-place showings were awarded to Daghir in the 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard breaststroke, Proudfit in the 200-yard individual medley and Brittany Orr in the 100-yard butterfly and 100-yard backstroke.Shannon Krieg led the way for the Lady Dutch divers with her second-place finish, while Melinda Stebich took third.Also placing second were B. Orr, Daghir, Cassie Wonderling and Megan Barber in the 200-yard medley relay and Buerk, Proudfit, Stebich and Orr in the 400-yard freestyle relay.“The girls have been working hard and we are excited for how well they did tonight. Again, we had some illness and everyone is tore down, but they look great and we were happy with their performances,” added Coach Secco.The next meet will be away, held next Monday against Clearfield at 6 p.m. at the Clearfield H.S. Natatorium.Dutch 99, Owls 80200 medley relay – second (Koss, Hoffman, Renwick, Moore).200 freestyle – second Moore, fourth Woelfel, sixth Jordan Agosti.200 IM – second Renwick, third Struble.50 freestyle – first Koss, fourth Mosebarger, fifth Burns.1 meter diving – first Huey, second Burns, third Mosebarger.100 butterfly – first Renwick, third Ferragine.100 freestyle – first Struble, second Hoffman, fifth Alec Foster.500 freestyle – second Moore, fifth Agosti.200 freestyle relay – second (Hoffman, Mosebarger, Woelfel, Struble), foruth (Foster, Gary Fledderman, Ferragine, Huey).100 backstroke – first Koss, third Foster, fifth Fledderman.100 breaststroke – second Hoffman, third Woelfel, fourth Ferragine.400 freestyle relay – first (Koss, Renwick, Struble, Moore), third (Burns, Agosti, Foster, Huey). Lady Owls 113, Lady Dutch 70200 medley relay – second (B. Orr, Daghir, Wonderling, Barber).200 freestyle – third Buerk, fifth Keyes.200 IM – second Proudfit, fourth Wonderling.50 freestyle – second Daghir, fourth Barber, fifth Bonifay.1 meter diving – second Krieg, third Stebich.100 butterfly – second B. Orr, fourth Keyes.100 freestyle – third Barber, fifth Bonifay.500 freestyle – third Buerk, fourth Wonderling.200 freestyle relay – first (Barber, Proudfit, Daghir, Buerk), fourth (Keyes, Stebich, Krieg, Wonderling).100 backstroke – second B. Orr, fourth Amy Orr.100 breaststroke – second Daghir, third Proudfit, fourth Krieg.400 freestyle relay – second (Buerk, Proudfit, Stebich, B. Orr).

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