SMA swim teams split with Bradford squads

BRADFORD - The St. Marys Area High School swim team split their second dual meet of the season when they met the Bradford Owls on Monday afternoon at the Univ. of Pittsburgh at Bradford Natatorium. The Lady Dutch just narrowly missed a win with their final score of 86-84 in favor of the Lady Owls. The Dutchmen notched a decisive victory over the Owls with the final score of 115-48.The individual leader for the Dutchmen was Jeffrey Moore, who won the 200- and 500-yard freestyles. Other first-place finishes were awarded to Corey Koss in the 200-yard individual medley, Andrew Cotter in the 50-yard freestyle, Alex Renwick in the 100-yard butterfly and Matt Hoffman in the 100-yard freestyle.The Dutchmen were also winners of all three relays. In the 200-medley relay, Corey Koss, Cotter, Renwick and Ryan Struble were victorious with their teammates Wes Challingsworth, Scott Barber, Joey Ferragine and Tim Mosebarger grabbing second place. Later in the meet, Ryan Struble, Hoffman, Renwick and Cotter took an early lead and then notched their second relay victory over Bradford. In the last event, Corey Koss, Hoffman, Moore and Cotter sealed the deal with another impressive showing over Bradford.“We have true depth on this boys’ squad that we haven’t had in a long time, if ever,” said SMAHS coach Mark DeMuro. “This is the first time we have seen Bradford this year, so it was a good feeling walking away with a win today.”The Lady Dutch weren’t without their fair share of impressive swims. Leaders in the individual events included Emma Daghir, who won the 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard breaststroke; and Melinda Stebich, who won the 100-yard backstroke.Despite only having three individual victories, the Lady Dutch’s strengths were their second- and third-place swims, which helped them pull within two points of the Lady Owls in the final tally. Kylee Proudfit swam a personal best in the 200-yard individual medley, just missing first place by tenths (of seconds). Michaela Rupprecht also finished second in the 100-yard butterfly, while Lauren McAnany took second in the 100- and 200-yard freestyles.Newcomers Alette Kraknes and Mikayla O’Dwyer made their mark by placing in the top three in their events. Kraknes was third in the 50-yard freestyle, while O’Dwyer was third in the 100-yard breaststroke. Third-place finishes were also recorded by Saige Leidwinger in the 100-yard freestyle, Cassie Wonderling in the 500-yard freestyle and Maura Keyes in the 100-yard butterfly. Stebich also took third in the 200-yard individual medley.In the final event, the Lady Dutch foursome of McAnany, Rupprecht, Stebich and Proudfit had a commanding first-place finish in the 400-yard freestyle relay. That win, along with the third-place finish of Wonderling, Kraknes, Keyes and Maranda Leidwinger, helped close the gap.“I am really pleased with the effort of the girls today,” said assistant coach Mary Secco. “Bradford has a real strong team and that didn’t stop our girls from giving them a run for their money. When we see them at home in February, diving will be a factor so we are looking forward to the opportunity to meet them again.”The Dutchmen are now 2-0 on the season, while the Lady Dutch are 1-1.The squads will play host to the Clearfield Bisons on Monday, Jan. 23 at 6 p.m. at the SMAHS Natatorium.The team will be sponsoring a donation drive to benefit the Elk County Humane Society that evening. Anyone bringing a donated item to the meet will receive $1 off admission.The St. Marys Area results are as follows:Lady Dutch 84-Lady Owls 86200 medley relay – second (Stebich, Daghir, Rupprecht, Proudfit), third (Aubrey Weisner, O’Dwyer, Keyes, Kraknes), fifth (Rebekah Caretti, Alexis Hanes, Maranda Leidwinger, Krista Doran).200 freestyle – second McAnany, fourth Wonderling, sixth Megan Bridges.200 IM – second Proudfit, third Stebich, fifth O’Dwyer.50 freestyle – first Daghir, third Kraknes, fifth Caretti.100 butterfly – second Rupprecht, third Keyes, fourth Maranda Leidwinger.100 freestyle – second McAnany, third Saidge Leidwinger, sixth Bridges.500 freestyle – third Wonderling, fifth Weisner.200 freestyle relay – second (Daghir, Rupprecht, McAnany, Proudfit), third (Saige Leidwinger, Kraknes, Bridges, O’Dwyer), fifth (Alexis Hanes, Lena Hanes, Doran, Keyes).100 backstroke – first Stebich, third Maranda Leidwinger, sixth Saige Leidwinger.100 breaststroke – first Daghir, third O’Dwyer, sixth Alexis Hanes.400 freestyle relay – first (McAnany, Rupprecht, Stebich, Proudfit), third (Wonderling, Kraknes, Keyes, Maranda Leidwinger), fourth (Weisner, Alexis Hanes, Caretti, Bridges). Dutchmen 115- Owls 48200 medley relay – first (Corey Koss, Cotter, Renwick, Ryan Struble), second (Challingsworth, Barber, Ferragine, Mosebarger).200 freestyle – first Moore, third Hoffman, fifth Nathan Koss.200 IM – first Corey Koss, second Ferragine, third Barber.50 freestyle – first Cotter, third Ryan Struble, sixth Josh Reed.100 butterfly – first Renwick, second Gideon Woelfel, third Ferragine.100 freestyle – first Hoffman, second Ryan Struble, fourth Josh Burns.500 freestyle – first Moore, third Nathan Koss.200 freestyle relay – first (Ryan Struble, Hoffman, Renwick, Cotter), third (Mosebarger, Challingsworth, Jake Burns, Nathan Koss), fourth (Barber, Reed, Josh Burns, Alec Foster).100 backstroke – second Corey Koss, third Wes Challingsworth, fifth Kyle Pistner.100 breaststroke – second Barber, third Max Struble, fourth Jake Burns.400 freestyle relay – first (Corey Koss, Hoffman, Moore, Cotter), third (Woelfel, Josh Burns, Max Struble, Challingsorth), fourth (Nathan Koss, Foster, Reed, Pistner).