SMA swim teams split with DuBois squads

DuBOIS - The St. Marys Area swim and dive team traveled to DuBois on Thursday night to take on the Beavers for their fourth dual meet of the season. The Dutchmen remain undefeated on the season as they won their meet 110-65, while the Lady Dutch lost a close contest, 100-84, bringing their record to 1-3.Individual leaders for the Dutchmen were Jeffrey Moore in the boys’ 200 and 500 yard freestyles, Andrew Cotter in the 200 yard individual medley, Jake Burns in 1m diving,  Corey Koss in the 100 yard backstroke and Scott Barber in the 100 yard breaststroke.The highlight of the evening came from a record-setting swim at the end of the meet, when the boys’ 400 freestyle relay of Corey Koss, Matt Hoffman, Moore and Cotter broke a longstanding record of 3:28.64 set by Bradford with their 3:27.49 first-place performance. St. Marys now holds five pool records at the DAHS Natatorium, including all three boys’ relays.In addition to the victorious 400 free relay, both of the other boys’ relays finished first, which included the 200 yard medley relay of Corey Koss, Cotter, Alex Renwick and Ryan Struble, as well as the 200 yard free relay of Ryan Struble, Hoffman, Renwick and Cotter.The Lady Dutch also had solid winning performances from Kylee Proudfit in the 200 yard individual medley, Lauren McAnanay in the 500 yard freestyle and Emma Daghir in the 100 yard breaststroke.The other win on the evening for the Lady Dutch was the 200 yard medley relay of Melinda Stebich, Daghir, Michaela Rupprecht and Proudfit.“We are at the midpoint of our season already and we are encouraged by what we have seen so far,” said SMA coach Mark DeMuro. “The team continues to work hard but we need to finish out the regular season strong, so our work is far from done.”The squads will have their next meet on Thursday, Feb. 2 against Brookville at home. The meet starts at 6 p.m.Lady Beavers 100,Lady Dutch 84200 freestyle relay – first (Stebich, Daghir, Rupprecht, Proudfit), third (Maranda Leidwinger, Mikayla O’Dwyer, Maura Keyes, Steph Buerk).200 freestyle – second McAnany, fourth Buerk, sixth Cassie Wonderling.200 IM – first Proudfit, third Stebich.50 freestyle – second Daghir, fourth Megan Bridges.1M diving – second Maranda Leidwinger, third Alexis Hanes, fourth Alette Kraknes.100 butterfly – third Rupprecht, fifth Keyes.100 freestyle – second Proudfit, fourth Sage Leidwinger, sixth Megan Bridges.500 freestyle – first McAnany, fourth Wonderling, sixth Rebekah Caretti.200 freestyle relay – second (Daghir, Rupprecht, McAnany, Proudfit), fourth (Buerk, Kraknes, Bridges, O’Dwyer), fifth (Alexis Hanes, Saige Leidwinger, Lena Hanes, Aubrey Wiesner).100 backstroke – second Stebich, fourth Rupprecht, fifth Maranda Leidwinger.100 breaststroke – first Daghir, third Saige Leidwinger, fourth O’Dwyer.400 freestyle relay – second (McAnany, Wonderling, Maranda Leidwinger, Stebich), fourth (Burek, Bridges, Kraknes, Keyes).Dutchmen 110,Beavers 85200 medley relay – first (Corey Koss, Cotter, Renwick, Ryan Struble), second (Wes Challingsworth, Barber, Gideon Woelfel, Tim Mosebarger), fourth (Alec Foster, Max Struble, Josh Burns, Jake Burns).200 freestyle – first Moore, second Hoffman, fifth Barber.200 IM – first Cotter, third Nathan Koss, fourth Joey Ferragine.50 freestyle – second Corey Koss, fourth Renwick, fifth Ryan Struble.1M diving – first Jake Burns, second Kyle Pistner.100 butterfly – third Ferragine, fourth Woelfel.100 freestyle – third Hoffman, fourth Ryan Struble, fifth Josh Burns.500 freestyle – first Moore, second Nathan Koss.200 freestyle relay – first (Ryan Struble, Hoffman, Renwick, Cotter), third (Mosebarger, Challingsworth, Moore, Nathan Koss), fifth (Max Struble, Ferragine, Josh Reed, Woelfel).100 backstroke – first Corey Koss, fourth Challingsworth.100 breaststroke – first Barber, third Woelfel, fifth Max Struble.400 freestyle relay – first (Corey Koss, Hoffman, Moore, Cotter), third (Jake Burns, Josh Burns, Nathan Koss, Challingsworth), fourth (Mosebarger, Josh Reed, Foster, Pistner).