Sorg to mount write-in candidacy for district justice

Robert "Bert" Sorg has announced that he will mount a write-in campaign for Magisterial District Justice 59-3-03 for the Nov. 8 General Election. "We're going to mount a good campaign. We're going to try it," Sorg said. In the May 17 Primary Election, Sorg, a Republican, cross-filed on the ballots and came in third on the Democratic ballot, behind Stephen P. Skrzypek and Mark Jacob; and third on the Republican ballot, behind Jacob and Skrzypek. Skrzypek later withdrew his candidacy and the Elk County Democratic Party, faced with three possible actions, named Jacob as the Democratic nominee on the fall ballot because he came in second on the Democratic ballot and because he is a registered Democrat who was on the primary ballot. Their other choices would have been to name a substitute candidate for Skrzypek from a pool of people who were not on the primary ballot or name no one. The party made the decision at an executive committee meeting following Skrzypek's withdrawal from the race. Sorg said he is appealing to Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike who may feel that their choices have been limited by the county Democratic Party's decision. "Seventy-two percent of the people didn't vote for Mark [Jacob], but he's the only one on the ballot," Sorg said. "In today's politics, people should always have the option to choose." According to Sorg, he was the only candidate among those required to who has successfully completed the course of instruction and examination for Magisterial District Judge. The course deals with any aspect of the Magisterial District Judge position, including procedures for preliminary arraignments and hearings, bail and search warrants, and is required by the state for anyone who is not a member of the Bar. Sorg said notification that he successfully completed the certification, which he received only two days following the primary election, spurred him to make the decision to run as a write-in candidate. "I feel I'm qualified and I can give the voters a choice," he said. "I feel I can deliver on the spirit and content of the common person."