St. Marys and Elk Catholic cross country teams split

The Elk County Catholic cross country teams played host to the St. Marys Area, Kane and Ridgway squads Tuesday afternoon at Benzinger Park.ECC’s Kennedy Weisner and SMA’s Adair Gennocro both broke the previous course record at today's meet. The course record was 19:25. Adair ran 18:53 and Kennedy 19:13.In the boys’ races, St. Marys edged Elk Catholic 27-28 and Kane 21-35. Elk Catholic defeated Kane 19-36.In the girls’ race, Elk Catholic edged St. Marys 27-28.Gideon Woelfel of St. Marys won the boys’ race with a time of 17:21. Caleb Lecker of Elk was second in 17:24. Ryan Detsch of ECC took third in 17:53. Two Dutch runners, Alec Foster and Dylan Shields, were third and fourth in 18:27 and 18:31, respectively.Drew Bille of ECC was sixth in 18:39 with teammate Joe Hoffman taking seventh in 18:39.5. Kane’s Avery Colson was eighth in 18:45, with his teammate Chris Hunt taking ninth in 19:08. Dutchman Austin Frey was 10th in 19:49.Jon-Luke Gelsick and Baily Colson of Kane finished 11th and 12th in 19:50 and 20:04, respectively. Nathan McFadden of St. Marys was 13th in 20:11, with Peter Cooney of ECC taking 14th in 20:13. Justin Kinkead of Ridgway was 15th in 20:30. For the Dutch, Mitchell O’Vell finished in 21:13 and Nicholas Bush in 28:29.For the Crusaders, Lucas Knight finished in 21:58, Ryan Jacobs 22:21, Lorenzo Dingcong 23:32, John Kaul 23:44 and Luke Hoffman in 23:55.For Ridgway, Max Palmer finished in 28:41.Adair Gennocro of the Lady Dutch won the girls’ race with a time of 18:53. Elk’s Kennedy Weisner was second in 19:13. Maggie Sorg of ECC was third in 21:03, with Rachel Guyer of Ridgway taking fourth in 21:12. Sloan Foster of the Lady Dutch rounded out the top five with a time of 21:46.Kane’s Taylor Beimel was sixth in 21:57, followed by Kaley Williams of St. Marys in 22:06. Two Elk Catholic runners were next in Cassie Thompson 22:28 and Victoria Dippold 23:10. SMA’s Gina Schneider was 10th in 23:44.Nicole Florio of ECC was 11th in 24:46, with Kane’s Kristin Boyer taking 12th in 25:09. Alexis Hanes of St. Marys was 13th in 25:35, with ECC’s Allison Prokop, Maria Scacchitti and Kylee Proudfit taking the next three spots in 26:15, 26:27 and 27:19. The next three runners were Cassie Wonderling, Rachel Schreiber and Cassandra Kline, all of the Lady Dutch, in 28:40, 29:17 and 29:20.“I thought it was a great day for both schools for both boys and girls,” said ECCHS coach Wee J. Fernan.“Great competition for individuals and teams is what high school athletics is all about,” he added.Both Elk County Catholic and St. Marys Area return to action Saturday at the Bradford Invitational.Jr. high resultsIn the girls’ junior high race, St. Marys Area took the first five spots, with Shelby Schreiber taking first in 10:59, followed by Brooke Lenox 10:59, Dorian Tamburlin 11:36, Rachael Caretti 11:52 and Alexandra Wonderling in 11:52.5. Kane took the last four spots in Jordan Race 12:09, Olivia Blackmore 12:11, Courtney Peters 12:36 and Brandi Wheatly 16:55.In the boys’ race, St. Marys won 17-46. Angelo Geitner of St. Marys was first in 9:21. Aaron Shilk of Ridgway was second in 9:23. Mitchell Schreiber of St. Marys was third in 9:48 and Damon Krise of St. Marys took fourth in 9:52. Scott Brazinski of ECC was fifth in 9:54.St. Marys took the next four spots in Ryan Brennen 10:02, Joseph Guido 10:03, Zeph Woelfel 10:10 and Garrett Struble in 10:23. Ben Uberti of ECC was 10th in 10:43.Other runners for St. Marys were Cameron Resch in 11:55, Zachary Pollino 12:17, Jordan Adams 14:45, Justin Beck 15:14 and Derrick Woelfel in 15:43. For Elk Catholic, Ben Troy finished in 10:56, Vincent Thompson in 11:59 and Duncan LaValle in 12:02.For Ridgway, Luke Guyer finished in 10:47 and for Kane, Colton Barr finished in 11:41.