St. Marys Area honors fall sports athletes

The St. Marys Area High School held their Fall Sports Banquet Wednesday night. The banquet portion of the evening was held in the school cafeteria, with the awards taking place in Carpin Auditorium following a welcome by Terry Straub, SMAHS Activities Director.The first coach to the podium was golf coach Dan Vollmer. Vollmer recognized his assistant coach, Travis Wendel, while noting that his squad finished with a 3-9 record. He said that there is more to a team’s success than their record, and that his squad had positive behavior and improved as the season progressed.Varsity letters were presented to the following: Justin Beimel, Michael Brennen, Quinn Cunningham, Rudy Gleixner, Sam Miller, Owen Schreiber, Peter Timashenka and Jordan Weinzierl. Junior varsity letters were presented to D.J. Challingsworth, Aaron Gallagher, Shane Haberberger, Jacob Lechner, Mitchell Ovell and Robert Watts.Girls’ tennis coach Sue Lepovetsky noted that there were 20 girls on this year’s squad, the most she has ever had. Her squad finished with a 7-5 record and was the District 9-AA runner-up. Rachel Walker captured the District 9-AA singles championship. Of the six seniors, Lepovetsky coached five of them for all four years.Varsity letters were presented to Chelsea Agosti, Stephanie Buerk, Kelly Dietz, Shannon Krieg, Brandi Meyer, Amy Orr, Mary Rosman, Allison Shields, Erica Sorg, Jamie VanAlstine, Rachel Walker and Aubrey Wiesner. Certificates of participation were presented to Tonya Copello, Cassie Daniels, Nicole Harshbarger, Danielle McCoy, Brianna Nussbaun, Amanda Simbeck, Whitney Taylor and Lyubov Zhulavska.Junior varsity volleyball coach Ken Vogt Jr. gave a brief rundown on his season, then presented junior varsity letters to the following: Kristen Anderson, Courtney Bankovich, Taylor Bellina, Bella Cadori, Lauren Dalessandro, Kiana Hoohuli, Kristen Huff, Katie Huggler, Katelyn McFadden, Kayla Nussbaum, Kristi Wendel and Jolene Young.Head volleyball coach Erica Vogt recognized her assistant coaches, Ken Vogt Jr. and Rachel Schreiber. Coach Vogt said that as coaches, they have to approach every year differently. Last year’s squad only had four wins, but this year’s team finished with an 11-7 record and was the District 9-AA runner-up. Vogt said her squad has come a long way in a year.Varsity letter winners were presented to Abbey Cribbs, Chelsie Gaton, Chelsea Gregori, Sami Jo Hanes, Kayla Hoohuli, Karisa Krieg, Megan Longhi, Carley McMackin, Kindred Wiseman, DeAnna Yost and statistician Chelsea Luchini.Kelly Carr, head girls’ soccer coach, said she started with 20 strong players, which became 14 at the lowest point; they had quite a few injuries, as soccer is a rough, challenging sport. St. Marys was the Upper Allegheny Valley Soccer League North Division co-champion, with senior Brittany Orr and junior Lauren Challingsworth named to the North Division all-star squads. Carr’s team finished with a 9-11 record.Varsity letters were presented to Megan Barber, Shannon Bridges, Lauren Challingsworth, Sloan Foster, Liza Geyer, Mia Keener, Caley Keister, Rachel Krieg, Becky Krieg, Brittany Orr, Mackenzie Schatz, Amber Schmader, Kalie Schmader, Aspyn Wolff and Stephanie Yetzer. Certificates of participation were presented to: Kelsey Bonifay, Rebekah Caretti, Samantha McCabe, Kristin McMackin and Michelle Mecca.Boys’ head soccer coach Russ Micale acknowledged his assistant coaches, Marty Haines, Jim Pistner and Brian Ferragine.Micale said that his team’s season came to an unexpected close in the first round of the playoffs. St. Marys had 69 goals to their opponents’ 23. They were 11-0-1 in UAVSL play and 13-3-2 overall. They won the North Division of the UAVSL with Jake Reed, Nathan Hansen and Ryan Uhl all being named as UAVSL all-stars.Junior varsity letters were presented to Joel Copella, Mitchell Knecht, Brett Lanzel, Evan Lepovetsky, Jarrod Lipsey, Deric Luvaas, Cyrus Mecca, Ethan Michelini and Damien Wensel.Varsity letters were presented to Scott Barber, Weston Challingsworth, Michael Fox, Dalton Gennocro, Nathan Hansen, Matthew Hoffman, Nick Keller, Ryan Mancuso, Tim Mosebarger, Thomas Murmann, Jake Reed, Connor Rohrback, Ryan Uhl, Clancy Wiesner and Gideon Woelfel. Micale also recognized statisticians Marissa Neubert and Mickayla Poland.Micale presented a scrapbook to assistant coach Jim Pistner. Pistner was one of the prime movers of establishing a soccer program at St. Marys Area and building a soccer game field at SMAHS.Cross country coach Stan Foster recognized his assistant coaches, David Fordoski and Rob Meyer.Foster said the girls finished with a 9-3 record, while the boys were 10-4 in dual meets. Adair Gennocro won the District 9-AA individual title and placed third in states in Class AA. Gideon Woelfel won the District 9-AAA individual title, while Justin Huey placed third. The boys’ team were second in the District 9-AAA meet, while the girls placed seventh out of the 24 teams in Class AA.Gennocro set course records at St. Marys, District 9, Brookville and Punxsutawney, and according to coach Foster, was ranked nationally in the elite five times during the season.Junior varsity letters were presented to Jordan Agosti, Michaela Rupprecht, Rachel Schreiber, Jeff Wagner and Cassie Wonderling. Varsity letters were presented to Konstantin Deyev, Alec Foster, Sloan Foster, Adair Gennocro, Justin Huey, Nathan McFadden, Jon Prechtl, Dylan Shields, Kaley Williams and Gideon Woelfel.The coaches then presented their major awards.Cross country coach Stan Foster presented the Female Most Valuable Runner Award to Sloan Foster. The Male Most Valuable Runner Award was presented to Justin Huey.Boys’ soccer coach Russ Micale presented co-MVP Awards to Nick Keller and Jake Reed.Girls’ soccer coach Kelly Carr, who noted that the team voted for the MVPs, presented the MVP Offense Award to Brittany Orr. The MVP Defense Award was presented to Shannon Bridges.Volleyball coach Erica Vogt presented the MVP Defense Award to Abbey Cribbs. The MVP Offense Award was presented to Kayla Hoohuli. The Coaches Award was presented to Kindred Wiseman.Girls’ tennis coach Sue Lepovetsky presented the MVP Award to Rachel Walker.Golf coach Dan Vollmer presented the Low Average Award to Mike Brennen. The Leadership and Sportsmanship Award went to Jordan Weinzierl.For more on this story see the Nov. 19 edition of The Daily Press.