St. Marys Area School Board approves funding resolution

Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

During their meeting earlier this week, the St. Marys Area School District Board of School Directors approved a resolution urging the General Assembly of Pennsylvania to adequately invest in public schools and students.
Dr. Brian Toth, superintendent of the St. Marys Area School District, explained to the board prior to the resolution’s passage that supporting the resolution had been encouraged during the Pa. Schools Work meeting in mid-November.
“What we’re asked to do is pass the resolution, get it to our locally elected officials, and I plan to get it to them and get it to them again and again until they listen,” Toth said. “To me, when the district residents are paying 68 percent of the bill for public education and the state is 32 percent, something is wrong with this picture. We need to yell to get people’s attention.”
According to the resolution, Pennsylvania “ranks 46th among the 50 states in the amount of state subsidies allocated to support elementary and secondary education.” Additionally, the resolution noted that the state “has failed to keep pace with the rising cost of mandated special education for students with disabilities, which has increased by $1.6 billion over the last decade, even as the state’s share of the cost has fallen from 36 percent to 25 percent.”

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