St. Marys artist participates in her first Ridgway Fall Fest

Photo by Allison West – Shown above are a few of the many items displayed in Tara Hnath’s tent at the Flavors of Fall Festival over the weekend.
Allison West
Staff Writer

Tara Hnath, a St. Marys resident, had her first vendor experience at this year’s Flavor Fall Festival, held in downtown Ridgway.
Hnath’s tent was filled with numerous colorful, delicate pieces made from a variety of materials. Among the items displayed were unique pieces crafted out of gardening pots and trays. Hnath spends three to four hours on each one to produce a variety of stylized creations based on animals, classic cartoon characters, and even professional athletes. She also makes bird baths, baby shower gifts, lighthouses, and seasonal pieces.
“Pokemon, Pikachu, oh [the kids] love it,” she said.
Her table was stocked full with examples of her work, including appropriately themed items such as Jack Skellington and Sally from the popular film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” bats and witches for Halloween, as well as pigs, cows, frogs, and many fall-themed pieces.
Hnath began painting two years ago after she spotted a butterfly made of gardening pots online, which inspired her to make pieces of her own. She stated that painting is a relaxing pastime and that she is inspired by popular trends in both home decor and pop-culture.
Since she began, Hnath has created and sold roughly 100 pieces, and as she gained strength in her work, she offered to make custom pieces as well. She uses four sizes of gardening pots and trays, and plenty of paint to make each one perfect for her customers.
When asked what advice she would give to beginner artists, Hnath said, “You have to have a lot of patience and enjoy what you’re doing. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick to it.”
More information and photos of Tara Hnath’s work can be found on Facebook page under ‘Taras Custom Crafts.’