St. Marys City Council members review budget line items

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

St. Marys City Council recently scrutinized the city's 2018 budget during budget workshops resulting in the addition of several new line items.
Council closely reviewed items with increases or changes of over $4,000 along with new or significant items highlighted for council's review. If the city spends more than $750,000 in federal funding next year, a single audit will be required.
City Manager Tim Pearson said while council is presenting a balanced 2018 budget, it was not balanced in accordance with the city's goal of annually transferring 10 percent to the Capital Reserve Fund equaling a shortfall of $636,000.
Council has committed $1.2 million based on the unrestricted fund balance to go to capital projects which will be providing funds for the next year.
During a budget workshop, a lengthy discussion took place regarding the need for the current human resource service, labor law attorney and the costs for both. A motion was unanimously approved to increase the professional services line item to $23,000 and remove the Human Resources Group line item in the amount of $6,000.