St. Marys cross country squads beat Punxsutawney

The St. Marys Area High School cross country squads both picked up wins over Punxsutawney during a meet held at the St. Marys Area High school on Tuesday afternoon. The Dutchmen defeated the Chucks 27-29, while the Lady Dutch notched a 23-32 win over the Lady Chucks. Runners from DuBois Central Catholic also participated in the event. In the boys' race, the overall winner was St. Marys' Gideon Woelfel in a time of 17:37. Woelfel's teammate Alec Foster was second with a time of 17:53. The next two runners to cross the line were Punxsutawney's Dane Baker and Nathan Wood, with times of 18:00 and 18:07 respectively. Crossing the line in fifth was Dutchman Dylan Shields in 18:16 followed by Punxsy's Seth Burkett in 18:44 and Bo Dinger in 18:53. St. Marys' Austin Frey finished in 19:11, followed by Derek Kelly in 19:28 for the Chucks, with one more Punxsy runner making it through ahead of Dutchman Nathan McFadden, who finished with a time of 19:52. Other St. Marys finishers were Mitchell O'Vell in 20:31, followed by Jordan Agosti in 22:37 and Nick Bush in 24:29. For DuBois Central, Paul Skraba finished eighth in 18:47, followed by Dunken Park in 18th and Conner Park in 20th, in 21:22 and 21:46 respectively. In the girls' race, Lady Dutch runner Adair Gennocro took the win and set a new course record in a time of 18:34. St. Marys' Sloan Foster was second in 20:46. The first Punxsutawney runner to cross the line was Alexis Young, who finished third in 21:34. Fourth was St. Marys' Kaley Williams, followed by Punxsy's Julian Badar in 22:35 and Ala Small in 22:40. Seventh was St. Marys' Gina Schneider in 23:45 and eighth was Punxsutawney's Kristen Deen in 23:53. Finishing ninth was Lady Dutch runner Lexi Hanes in 24:37, followed by Tamara Anthony in 24:44 for the Lady Chucks. Other St. Marys finishers were Casey Kline in 28:37, followed by Rachel Schreiber in 28:47. The St. Marys junior high boys' squad also picked up a 15-50 victory over Punxsutawney. St. Marys had the top five finishers, with Angelo Geitner taking the win with a time of 12:54. He was followed by Damon Krise in 13:02, Mitchell Schreiber in 13:24, Zeph Woelfel in 13:34 and Ryan Bunnon in 13:35. Other St. Marys finishes were: Joe Guido in 13:49, Garrett Struble in 14:01, Cameron Resch in 14:34, Paul Lenze in 15:10, Zack Polino in 17:15, Justin Beck in 17:56 and Jordan Adams in 23:44. The top Punxsutawney runners finished eighth through twelfth, with Austin McKenderee being the first Punxsy runner to cross the line with a time of 14:23. He was followed by Keysten Perry in 14:57, Joseph Wittman in 15:52, Dylan Moore in 16:45 and Jake Digger in 17:27. Lady Dutch runners competing in the event were Shelby Schreiber, who finished with a time of 14:25, and Rachel Carretti, who crossed the line in 17:03. "The kids ran very well today. Nearly all of the runners had their personal bests today," said St. Marys junior high coach David Fordoski.