St. Marys native now CEO of NASDAQ

Photo submitted - Thomas Wittman, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Trading and Market Services and CEO at Nasdaq Stock Exchange, and St. Marys native.
Yelena Kisler
Staff Writer

Thomas Wittman has traveled many miles, literally, to become CEO of the U.S. NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Born in St. Marys, his interest in computers and technology placed him on the path to succeeding in the exchange trading and finance business. Wittman attended St. Marys Area schools and was active in sports. "Tom was always competitive," recalls his father, John "Elroy" Wittman. "He enjoyed playing with kids in the neighborhood. He played football and wrestled in high school, he also did track." John worked at Sylvania before retiring on the computer and engineering side doing production monitoring. Tom's interest in technology also began pretty early. "Tom was always very industrious," John said. "And he wasn't afraid to work hard." After high school, Tom attended Slippery Rock University where he earned a degree in computer science and math. Tom also married his high-school sweetheart Bonnie Mosebarger. "She and I went to high school together, she was a year behind me. Made it through high school, made it through college and got married," he said. After college he began looking for work. "My first tendency was to stay close to home," Tom said. "But there weren't a lot of jobs in St. Marys at the time for someone who was doing software development, so I looked in the paper and ended up coming down to (originally it was) the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, which is the oldest in the country, older than the New York Stock Exchange, founded in 1790, and they were in the equity trading business, it was a very small exchange. I went there and wrote software for them… and then I just kind-of grew to love the exchange and trading and finance business, through technology, and then ended up running all software development for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, and then we sold PSE to NASDAQ, it's gonna be 10 years ago this summer."

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