St. Marys-Opoly game celebrates city's history

Photo by Amy Cherry - The new St. Marys-Opoly board game is available for purchase at the St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce office.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Do not pass Go but rather advance to the St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce office to pick up the new St. Marys-Opoly game.
The board game combines the classic Monopoly with St. Marys businesses, groups, organizations and locations. While gameplay is the same as standard Monopoly, each turn takes participants to familiar places in the community.
"It was something we felt would be a fun idea to help commemorate the city's 175th anniversary," explained Andrew Mohney, Chamber board member.
Many people are purchasing two games, one to play and the second to save as a souvenir, according to Charlene Fledderman, Chamber office manager.
The games sell for $25 and are available at the Chamber office, payable only by check or cash. In addition, orders may also be placed with the Chamber by contacting the office at 814-781-3804. Games are only shipped out once payment is received. Shipping costs vary depending on the location it is being sent.