St. Marys Public Library to accept food for fines

In honor of National Library Week, the St. Marys Public Library will be running a Food for Fines program today through Saturday. "Basically the idea of it is, to celebrate National Library Week, we like to do things that are going to make people aware of the library's role in the community and also to try and help somebody else out," said Scarlette Corbin, director of the St. Marys Public Library. "By doing that, we're encouraging patrons to pay off fines with food donations that will be given to the Christian Food Bank."Corbin also explained that the Food for Fines week is a method for getting people who have books that are severely overdue to return the material."They're afraid to bring [the items] back because they think they owe so much [in fines]. The truth of the matter is, if they bring [the book] in with a food item it doesn't cost them a bit," Corbin said. Corbin stressed that the overdue items must be returned at the same time the nonperishable food item is donated in order for the fine to be erased. "It's a way for us to get our very overdue items back and to help the food bank," Corbin said. Library patrons who have an existing fine but have already returned their overdue items can receive $1 off of the fine for each nonperishable food item.