Stormwater, solicitation ordinance discussed

The City of St. Marys is awaiting a followup response about its stormwater management ordinance from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) who stated the ordinance was generally sufficient except for two deficiencies.The deficiencies pertained to the city's definition and square footage measurements of impervious surface which is landscape that cannot absorb rainfall.The city's ordinance was submitted to the DEP several months ago with a response received on March 3. After consulting with City Zoning Officer Matt Pfeufer on the issue, Solicitor Tom Wagner sent a second letter to the DEP inquiring about additional information pertaining to the two deficiencies. In the letter Wagner said he explained to the DEP that he did not think the Elk County Stormwater Plan model was fairly drafted. This is due to the city's ordinance being different from the county's in terms of exempting ordinary residential properties and having less stringent requirements on small construction.