Supervisors approve new items

The Fox Township Supervisors approved several new business items at Wednesday evening's meeting. One of the motions approved was to establish the Toby Water Board. The supervisors then appointed five members to the board, each of whose terms expires on December 31 of the appointed year. Toby Water board members include Mike Agosti with a term expiring in 2011, Mike Keller until 2012, Joe Largey until 2013, George Swanson until 2014 and Janet Ott until 2015. Keller is also a township supervisor. Fellow township supervisor Randy Gradizzi noted that he plans to attend the board's meeting on a regular basis.Another motion was approved to adopt an ordinance for the township to participate in the Fire Insurance Escrow Act.Supervisor Dave Mattiuz noted the insurance escrow act is known as Act 93 and was established in 1994."It will help if there is a fire in the township and owners don't cleanup their building," Mattiuz said. "It allows municipalities to withhold money from their insurance payment."Mattiuz explained that under the act, municipalities may retain money from the insurance company, which they will place in an escrow account, to cleanup a building or site.If the property owner cleans up the site before the township does than the insurance money is returned to the person.Mattiuz noted the act is not retroactive."This is yet another tool to help with the township's dangerous and dilapidated building ordinance, which we are slowly making progress on," Keller added.