Supervisors approve stormwater, meeting ordinances

The Fox Township Supervisors approved a motion to amend their existing Stormwater Management ordinance to include the recently enacted plan from the county.Elk County enacted a new Stormwater Management Plan, which was approved by the Department of Environmental Protection, on Sept. 16. All Elk County municipalities must now adopt or amend their existing stormwater ordinances to comply with the county’s plan.Supervisor Dave Mattiuz introduced a motion which requires all township boards, authorities and committees to hold their meetings and workshops on township property.Mattiuz explained the issue was brought up after hearing about the township’s Recreation Board’s annual December dinner meeting, which sometimes takes place at a restaurant outside the township. “I don’t have a problem with having a dinner, but the meeting portion of the event should be held in the township,” Mattiuz said.Debby Agosti, Recreational Facilities Director, explained that each December the Rec Board conducts its meeting at an area restaurant, where the member’s spouses are also invited.Mattiuz added that such meetings should be accessible to the public and that people should not have to go to a restaurant to participate in the meeting.“It’s only appropriate to conduct meetings in a township facility; that way, people always know where they are,” added Supervisor Mike Keller.The board approved the motion.Township Solicitor Dave Pontzer was in attendance during Wednesday’s meeting and provided input on the township’s proposed rules and regulations regarding dogs being allowed in township parks.Supervisors introduced an ordinance requiring dog owners to sign a waiver before allowing canines in the park. Additional rules and regulations pertaining to dogs would be posted as well.Secretary Kathy Mosier noted that the waivers would be covered under the township’s current insurance policy.“It’s good to have rules posted. It’s up to the park to decide what rules they want to enforce,” Pontzer said.Keller said the supervisors will await the Rec Board’s decision on moving forward with the proposal and if they have an updated response.Beginning Nov. 8, the proposed 2011 budget will be available for public review during regular office hours, as well as on the township website, at of the final budget is scheduled for the Dec. 1 meeting.Keller said the Lovers Lane sewage project was not included in this year’s budget. He explained that following discussions with the sewer authority, which is currently carrying considerable debt, the township did not think it should carry the engineering costs of the project if the authority is not going to proceed with it.“If we don’t do the project in the near future we have to look at enforcement requirements and that proper action is taken on the issue,” Keller said. “We need to look at what needs to be done to clean up the situation.”The township is seeking input from residents.“There are definitely a few systems that will need repaired sooner rather than later,” said Rob Singer, township code enforcement officer.For more information on this story, see the Nov. 4 issue of The Daily Press.