Supervisors contemplate subcontract work

At Wednesday's regular meeting, Fox Township Supervisor Dave Mattiuz introduced a motion that any work being subcontracted within the township should be required to come before the board for permission. He added this would exclude any work having to be completed in an emergency situation. Supervisor chairman Mike Keller noted that this would be very restrictive and that the proposal should include a specific dollar amount of work, adding any work under $500 should be exempt.Roadmaster and supervisor Randy Gradizzi said he disagrees with the proposed motion."I think I'm doing a good job getting work done at a fair price and it being quality work," Gradizzi said.Debby Agosti, recreational facilities director, questioned how the proposed change would affect her duties. She added that she subcontracts a majority of work at the park, including weed-killing spray, fertilizer application, paving, seal coating and more. "We already have guidelines with price quotes and bidding," Agosti said.Agosti added that she is familiar with the rule that currently allows work up to $4,000 to be done before requiring approval."This changes the whole dynamics of how the township is run," Keller said, referring to Mattiuz's proposal. Gradizzi noted the township already bids out equipment as part of the budget process.Mattiuz withdrew his motion pending further discussion on the subject.Under new business, a fireworks permit application was approved for Rick Krishart for July 9 at his property on Squab Hollow Road.The supervisors approved a resolution closing out the Community Conservation Partnership Program grant for the Master Site Plan at the Fox Township Community Park. In addition fencing, for the new multi-sport court was approved to be placed out for bid.Fox Twp. Code Enforcement Officer Rob Singer informed the supervisors that the issue of cesspools in the Toby, Coal Hollow Road area has been resolved.