Supervisors delay implementation of township savings plan

KERSEY - The Fox Township Supervisors were divided as far as discussion went on a draft ordinance for a township savings plan. During their regular meeting held Wednesday evening, the board voted to revisit the savings plan closer to budget time in the fall. Supervisor Dave Mattiuz undertook the task of overseeing the creation of the savings plan, and following several changes to the document said he was happy with the final product on Wednesday.Fellow supervisor Mike Keller previously described the intent of the plan as to put savings first and do what the township sees fit with the remaining funds, spreading it across the budget. While Keller agreed with Mattiuz, he stated that he would like to see it implemented next year rather than immediately."We need to use it as a template and go through a budget process and if everything works out and if we don't see any need to change the ordinance, then approve it," Keller explained. "Hopefully nothing will change."Mattiuz noted the supervisors already compared the savings plan with last year's budget while creating the plan."It will be six months tops," Keller added. "I've waited 12 years (for the plan). I can wait six more months."Supervisor and roadmaster Randy Gradizzi was in agreeance with Keller; however, he voiced some concerns with the savings plan."I am concerned there are several roads in the the township that need a lot of care and paving and I am concerned how it's going to play out," Gradizzi said. "I will agree to follow the plan and try it."Previously Gradizzi inquired about where the funds for upgrading equipment fit into the savings plan. Gradizzi said he would like the plan to state that a certain amount of the savings is allocated for such projects.A portion of the potential savings plan takes into consideration the income of the landfill within the last four quarters. During the vote of whether to approve the savings plan ordinance, Mattiuz was in favor of the motion, while Keller and Gradizzi opposed the vote, adding they would like to revisit the ordinance closer to budget time.