Supervisors discuss various business items

During their Thursday evening meeting the Jay Township Supervisors briefly discussed a variety of township business.One of the items of old business on the supervisors’ meeting agenda was their Junk Yard Ordinance, which has been in the works for some time. Supervisor Jeremy Rippey explained that he had spoken to township solicitor Tom Coppolo earlier in the week and he had indicated that he was nearly finished reviewing the document and the supervisors could have it back as early as next week.The supervisors also discussed ways that they can better comply with Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code.“There are still some questions, but we did find this Moshannon Valley COG (Council Of Governments) that would supply us with an appeals board, but there are some costs so we’ll have to look into those costs,” Rippey said. “It is $150 a year to join the Moshannon Valley organization and you can get five percent back on all your fees from building permits, and again, they would supply the appeals board for a fee of $250 plus costs. I want to look into that further and see what the additional costs would be.”The supervisors tabled further discussion about the Uniform Construction Code for another month to allow them to gather more information.