Supervisors plan to hold weekly work staff meetings

At a Jay Township Supervisors meeting earlier this year, remarks had been made that it was not appropriate for the township's three supervisors to hold a weekly work schedule meeting during the working hours of supervisor Murray Lilley, who also works for the township. The supervisors began holding the meetings after eliminating the township's roadmaster position, which Lilley had previously held. Lilley was then subsequently hired to fill a maintenance position with the township, with the supervisors as a group determining employees' work schedules. Township resident Bob Coppolo inquired at the supervisors' recent meeting whether any changes had yet been made to their meeting time. "At the last meeting, I had mentioned about [Lilley] having to punch out to attend these planning meetings, because legally, with his job description, he cannot sit in those meetings during his regular working hours unless he punches out," Coppolo said.Supervisor Francis Gustafson replied that the supervisors plan to begin holding the meetings prior to 6 a.m. on Fridays. However, Supervisor Jeremy Rippey remarked that the matter had not yet been fully discussed. Gustafson noted that the meetings only take a few minutes and indicated that he did not see why it would be a problem to continue to hold them during the day as they have been. "If the state actually has a problem with it, you tell them to call me personally," Gustafson said. While Gustafson remarked that he did not think the matter was a big deal, Rippey offered a possible solution that he thought would be in the best interest of all of the township's workers. After a brief discussion, Gustafson and Lilley agreed with Rippey's suggestion to hold brief weekly meetings with the entire work staff at 6 a.m. every Friday.