SWA takes annual landfill tour

The Elk County Solid Waste Authority embarked on its annual tour of Veolia Greentree Landfill in Fox Twp. on Tuesday. Landfill manager Don Henrichs led the tour and gave the group a rundown of current operations and recent changes to the facility.The landfill currently takes in about 1 million tons a year; it takes approximately 2.5 years to fill a cell, or an area in which waste is deposited and is later filled in. Cells range from six to 10 acres and the current cell being filled is approximately nine acres. About nine acres were capped this year.Henrichs said approximately 50 percent of the waste coming to the landfill is from out-of-state. The landfill pays about $9.75 for each ton, with the amount divided between the state, Elk County and Fox Township. As the host county, Elk County receives 50 cents a ton; as the host municipality, Fox Township is projected to receive about $1.3 million this year, but the actual amount will not be available until the last quarterly payment of the year. An on-site engineer from a third-party consultant lays out the location of the cells. The liners, made of a rubberized material, are fused together and have seams; the engineer also performs frequent quality control checks on liners to ensure they are not leaking. Henrichs said for every 500 linear feet of seam, a sample must be taken.