There’s a gold mine in the yard

If dandelions were a cash crop, I'd be sitting atop a mountain of gold like King Midas right now. The number of dandelions on even the smallest lawn around here could produce considerable income, to say nothing of the larger yards and farmland. There would be gold as far as the eye could see, both literally and figuratively. And they multiply all on their own. No more cursing the next time the little white fluff with the seed pods attached flip through the breeze like snow and settle anew - it's like they plant themselves. No fertilizing or watering necessary - the bees and Mother Nature take care of that. No more getting mad and buying large amounts of lawn products to get rid of the sunny-faced plants. Harvesting would be the only major work required here. I think we rural folk should begin a massive campaign to make dandelions the "it" product. It's been done before - ask the people raising emus for meat or alpacas for wool. It's edible - people put dandelions in salads and make dandelion wine. It's colorful - forget roses and lily arrangements - dandelion bridal bouquets could be all the rage. I'm sure there are a thousand other uses that we could market to the rest of America. But we have to make sure we market them as "exclusive" to Pennsylvania - we don't want Ohio, New York or any other states muscling in on our newfound bounty. Yep, I think being a dandelion farmer would be just dandy. Now, I'd better stop daydreaming and go start mowing the lawn. -- Victoria Stanish, Daily Press Editor