Thompson visits local winery

U.S. Representative Glenn Thompson (PA-5) visited The Winery at Wilcox along Mefferts Run Road in Wilcox yesterday afternoon.Winery owners Mike and Carol Williams and their son Jamie welcomed Thompson upon arrival and walked him through a 45-minute tour of the facilities.When the winery first opened its doors in the summer of 1994, it was the smallest in Pennsylvania and had an inventory of 1,100 gallons in eight varieties. Today the winery has a capacity of almost 60,000 gallons, with over 31 selections for the 2009-2010 vintage, and is one of the state's five largest wineries.“The first five years we established the winery; in every December, we'd look at how much money was left over and I would build whatever I could afford and that was it,” Mike Williams said. “Everything was paid for as we went and it has been pretty successful.” Thompson and the Williams family discussed an array of topics, including privatization of the state's liquor stores.“So I'm curious, are you in favor of privatizing or not?” Thompson asked.“We are going to give you a politician's answer on that one,” Jamie Williams joked. “The answer to that is we sell a lot of wine through the state store system.”