Titchner spreads word about Computer Games 4 Fun

Residents who dispose of their old computers at the county's monthly electronics collection can rest assured that the devices are being destroyed and their data is not accessible by any third parties. Bekki Titchner, recycling/solid waste coordinator, discussed this concern during the Solid Waste Authority's Tuesday afternoon meeting. Titchner also informed authority members about a new group called Computer Games 4 Fun, which she indicated recently approached her about obtaining computers that had been dropped off to be recycled. She explained that the organization is under the direction of Ridgway resident Bob Schloder and will refurbish computers for individuals in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and similar environments. The computers would be used specifically for gaming purposes and would have card-based games such as hearts, spades and solitaire installed on them. "He initially asked whether we could provide him computers through our electronics recycling and basically I just told him that when people drop those off, it is with the understanding that they will be recycled and the hard drives will be destroyed," Titchner said. According to information provided to the authority by Schloder, he was initially hoping to secure about 12 computers, with five to be placed in both St. Marys and Ridgway and two to be kept as spares. The group will also offer computer training on an as-needed basis and hopes to become a 501(c)(3) organization later this year. While Titchner explained that the recycling center will not be providing any computers to the group, she encouraged residents to do so on their own if they were interested in pursuing that option. "I'd feel more comfortable if someone wanted to donate to him that they do it directly," Titchner said. "There's a phone number that's set up specifically for this program."Individuals looking to donate a computer or who have questions about the program can contact Schloder at 594-9556.