Toth provides updates on virtual learning and more

Staff Writer

Despite education being different now as compared to being inside school buildings Toth stated “we are running circles around our cyber charter school competition.”
The district’s Continuity of Education Plan is in full implementation and while they have been seeing success in their virtual learning efforts they look to continue to improve on it. Toth thanked all the staff for their dedication to education and shared a comment emailed to him from a member of the community reading: “It has been so exhilarating to see, read and hear all the positive coverage of what SMA teachers are doing - in their virtual classrooms and otherwise! Interesting to read the highlights of seniors in The Daily Press and how they speak to the special influence of individual teachers! The Facebook coverage at all levels has been wonderful and so very positive. I do hope that this positive coverage invigorates and inspires all teachers in this "unknown" territory! It seems that this challenge has encouraged and enhanced their care, concern and creativity as they strive to impact their students in every sense!”