Updates provided on East Branch projects

As part of the spring 2011 project/community affairs meeting at East Branch Clarion River Lake, several organization representatives presented updates on an array of topics tied in with the dam.Also at the meeting, Elk County Commissioner Ron Beimel said the county has been holding monthly Marcellus Shale committee meetings in which a combination of state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) personnel, representatives from drilling companies, environmentalists and concerned citizens attend. Fellow Commissioner June Sorg chairs the meetings.Beimel explained the main topic of conversation within the past week has been in reference to no fracking water being poured into watersheds, a policy which will take effect in the county on May 19."Some companies are re-using their frack water. Some visitors to the meeting are wondering where that water is going," Beimel said. "We are going slow, we are not opposed to drilling."He added that all parties involved in the meetings are in agreeance about maintaining good, clean water quality.U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Northern Area Manager Pete O'Connell updated attendees about the importance of safe boating and wearing life jackets.