Variety Shoppe offers array of products, gowns, costumes

The Variety Shoppe, a co-op store located at 10 Erie Ave. in downtown St. Marys, offers an array of products, all sold by local vendors. The store was initially opened as The Shop on Depot in October 2010, but recently was renamed and moved to the former Smith's Sports Store building."We are now in a better location with a bigger place and have more traffic," said Donna Prechtl Nussbaum, store owner. There are a total of 30 different vendors set up inside the store selling a range of products, including handbags, jewelry, novelties, smoked cheese and pepperoni, home-canned goods, candles, ceramic knives and swords, Fox and Monster clothing lines, clothing featuring local band Six Pak, handmade crafts, American Doll clothes, Celebrating Home items and homemade foods and snacks, as well as products from national beauty lines like Avon and BeautiControl. Nussbaum explained the store's daily operations are part of a cooperative effort between six of the vendors, all of whom rotate working at the store in return for rental payment for their space. "New vendors are always welcome," Nussbaum said. She added that Jeff Buchheit, former owner of Smith's Sports Store, along with his two daughters, Laura and Renee and their friends, assisted Nussbaum with minor renovations to the storefront.