Victims' son takes witness stand in double murder trial

BROOKVILLE — The son of a slain Snyder Township couple took the witness stand Tuesday during the second day of Steven P. Rebert's double-homicide trial, saying that when he arrived at his parents' home and found both of their vehicle parked in the driveway, he began fearing the worst.Jason Shugar, a son of the victims — Victoria and Wayne Shugar, Coal Tipple Road — said he last spoke to his parents Saturday, April 10, 2010, and described how his mother had asked him to help with removing some items in a second-floor room that the couple wanted to refurbish.But Jason's father, Wayne, told him not to worry about it."He didn't like asking for help," Jason Shugar said.The man accused of killing the parents of Jason Shugar and his siblings is Rebert, 46, formerly of Emporium, who faces double homicide charges in the shooting deaths of the Shugars, both 61.