Video gaming lounge offering new options to area youth

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Two local business owners have turned their love of video games into a new St. Marys gaming lounge set to open tomorrow.
Godmode Gaming along Robin Road will open its doors to video gamers young and old featuring a modern arcade with Xbox, PlayStations and Nintendo consoles available to rent by the hour along with PS4s, PS4 Pros, Playstation VR (virtual reality) and Nintendo Switch consoles.
Owners Seth Cheatle and Sandy Orozo are excited about offering something new to the community.
"Customers can enjoy social interactions with others. The lounge offers a social environment as compared to playing the games alone at home," Cheatle explained.
Additional equipment offered in the video lounge are three gaming PCs, two specifically for gaming with a third for virtual reality.
The dedicated VR area sits in a large alcove where gamers can battle aliens, race a car, fight a war, escape a zombie attack or ride a roller coaster by wearing a pair of HTC Vibe VR goggles, allowing them to wirelessly walk through the dedicated gaming area.
There are between 30-40 VR games customers may choose from.
The owners had the idea to offer VR games upon seeing how popular it was during a visit to Toronto.
"VR is expensive. The headset alone is $600. People spend over $2,000 for complete VR systems," Cheatle noted. "This way kids can play it at the lounge rather than invest in an expensive system."
Upon entering the gaming lounge customers will encounter the main room showcasing modern games featuring the newest gaming trends.
Cheatle said they will offer popular new games as they are introduced into the market.
"This allows kids to try games before they decide to buy them," Cheatle added.
Retro and classic video game systems Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox are among the many systems being shown on top of the line televisions.
The lounge's new 4K televisions are something the average gamer may not have access to at home.