Walmart limiting number of customers in stores due to COVID-19 concerns

File photo by Brian D. Stockman - Shown is the grocery entrance to the Walmart Supercenter in St. Marys.
Staff Writer

Walmart is the latest addition to a growing list of national retailers limiting the number of customers permitted inside stores in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Beginning today, Walmart stores are now only allowing no more than five customers for each 1,000 square feet at a given time inside at one time, which is roughly 20 percent of a store’s capacity.
The average size of a Walmart Supercenter, similar to the location along the Million Dollar Highway, is around 180,000 square feet.
To manage this restriction, store associates will mark a queue at a single-entry door, which in most cases will be the grocery entrance, and direct arriving customers there, where they will be admitted one-by-one and counted.
Once a store reaches its capacity, customers will be admitted inside on a “1-out-1-in” basis.
The retail giant announced this newest change on Friday afternoon at it’s 5,000-plus U.S. stores.