Water conservation being encouraged

The St. Marys Area Water Authority is notifying all of its customers that, due to the level of the Laurel Run Reservoir, our service area is now under a Drought Watch. The most recent rainfall amounts did not raise the level of the reservoir, which is currently at 10.5 feet below its overflow elevation and is continuing to drop at a rate of approximately .5 feet per week. Customers are being urged to conserve our precious water resources by eliminating the unnecessary use of water, such as: use of water for irrigation, watering of lawns and landscape areas; use of water for washing paved surfaces; use of water for watering any portion of golf courses except for tees and greens; use of water for ornamental purposes; use of water for noncommercial washing of automobiles, boats and trailers; serving of water in restaurants and clubs unless specifically requested; use of water for street washing; and use of fire hydrants for any purpose other than firefighting.