Webelos scouts working toward earning activity badges

Members of Webelos Pack 95 scout troop are hard at work trying to obtain all 20 activity badges available through the Webelos program. The group's 10 members, all of whom are between the ages of 10-11 years old, came a step closer to this goal on Tuesday evening as they visited The Daily Press office to learn how the paper puts together news stories as part of the requirement for their Communicator activity badge. According to Webelos Pack 95 leader Joe Daghir, the scouts also recently toured the St. Marys Public Library to learn how books are catalogued and will also each have to write a brief paper and talk about it at an upcoming meeting. Daghir explained that earning the activity badges helps prepare the youngsters for advancing to Boy Scouts, which is the next step in their scouting journey. "This is just to get them geared up for Boy Scouts, get them as a unit and see what they can do in the community," Daghir said. During their tour on Tuesday evening, the scouts learned about how staff members conduct interviews and come up with ideas for articles, and also watched Daily Press Editor Victoria Stanish paginate Wednesday's newspaper. In addition to the Communicator badge, the scouts have yet to complete the Geologist, Family Member and Scholar badges. Of the activity badges they have already earned, the Artist and Fitness badges were clear favorites among scout members. Jacob Carnovale noted that the Artist badge was his favorite. To earn this badge, the scouts had to work with three different medias: drawing, painting and sculpting. "I just like art," Carnovale said. Evan Zelinski also remarked that the Artist badge was his favorite so far. "It was fun," Zelinski said. "We did a contest. We kept doing it and whoever won got a dollar." Bryce O'Leary, on the other hand, preferred the Fitness badge. "We did sit-ups, pushups and jumping jacks," O'Leary said. "We studied eating well and we all talked about what we learned about fitness and how it's important."