Wilson Road resident happy with Woodbed Corp.'s changes

In January, residents living along Wilson Road appeared before the St. Marys City Council to express their concerns about sawdust that was blowing onto their properties from Woodbed Corp., which is owned by Bob DeLullo and overlooks Wilson Road. The issue stemmed from the close proximity of the residential and industrial zones in that area of the city. Following the Wilson Road residents' appearance at the city council meeting, DeLullo took steps to resolve the issue. One of the Wilson Road residents, Bob VanAlstine, recently contacted The Daily Press to compliment DeLullo for his efforts to respond to residents' concerns. VanAlstine indicated that he and his wife have lived along Wilson Road since 1969. They raised six children there, two of whom have since also bought or built homes along the road. VanAlstine remarked over the few years Woodbed Corp. has been in existence, there was not a problem until last year. He attributed that problem to "new added machinery, wind, and inattention to blowing dust." "Since the problems were brought out in the open by way of the city council meeting, Bob DeLullo has tried to talk with all those involved with the complaints. He realized there was a problem with his operation," VanAlstine said. VanAlstine noted that he spoke with DeLullo numerous times and DeLullo discussed with him things he was trying to do differently with the operation. "Almost immediately, he lowered the conveyer chutes so the wood chips had less chance of blowing in the wind while falling to the ground. He also relocated some of his machinery to different locations," VanAlstine said. DeLullo also planted several trees along his property line to further help resolve the issue of blowing dust.